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The Truck Comes on Thursday
Loni Wagner Mystery #1


Life sizzles for Highway Patroller Loni Wagner in a small Arizona desert town during the long summer nights. She sees it all: a plane wreck, freeway pileups, and dead bodies as she investigates murders involving human smugglers, drug runners, and her old friend Carl. During the day she faces high school enemies, a red-neck sexist police chief who gives her unwanted jobs, and worries about her Native Indian grandparents. Her grandmother is not well, and cattle rustling on their ranch is about to break them. Adding spicy flavors to this mix are three intriguing women, most especially one, who help Loni through it all as she struggles to move on from the death of her lover.

Praise for Sue's Novel

"This book is a wonderful addition to any romance or mystery collection as well as for those interested in reading about police work, Native American culture, and a touch of Arizona history."
~GLBTRT Newsletter: a publication of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Round Table of the American Library Association

"The strength of the story is Loni's time with her grandparents and the stories they tell about family and their beliefs of how to respect the land. Also not to be forgotten is the way of life for Native Americans that was stamped out 150 years ago, and the struggles they have endured since to survive and sometimes thrive."
~EB Mulligan, Vine Voice at Amazon

"Some people are born storytellers. This author certainly is. In her first Loni Wagner mystery, Sue Hardesty draws the reader into much more than plot or whodunit. This is a story steeped in geography and the characters who are shaped by it. They reflect the demographics of Southern Arizona: Native Americans, whites, mixed races, Mexican Americans and Mexican immigrants. ...This book is not your usual police procedural. The compassionate Loni has a passion for the law and for the people of the desert."
~Lee Lynch, Award-winning author of many novels, stories, and collections and long-time writer of "The Amazon Trail"



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