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A YA novel about desert survival

The greatest killer of the desert is not rattlesnakes or thirst — it's panic! Three teenagers learn this tragic lesson the hard way when they go unprepared into the Arizona desert in August to dig up Indian artifacts for some quick cash.

With a broken tie-rod on an ancient pickup miles from nowhere, no hope for help, and few supplies, the three struggle to survive: a football hero too spoiled to grow up; a cute girl who belongs to the 'in' crowd; and a lesbian with a bad crush.

They deal with heat-stroke, a dust storm, lack of food and water, blisters, and a panic attack ending in the middle of a jumping cactus patch before they stumble into the aftermath of a murder. The effort of getting to safety and help goes beyond sheer determination for the teenagers to the simple act of placing one foot in front of the other until even that is no longer possible.

Praise for Sue's novel

"A good book with realistic description of three teens and their interactions that would be satisfying to YA's. (It is billed as Lesbian YA.) However, as an adult reader and admirer of the Arizona desert, I was also intrigued by the power of the desert sun and the medical treatments available within the desert flora, all rendered vividly and accurately by the author who writes from real experience with the desert."


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