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Bus Stop at the Last Chance
(Loni Wagner Mystery #2)




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Bus Stop at the Last Chance
Loni Wagner Mystery #2

Miles to go! Loni Wagner's second Western adventure finds her transferred from Highway Patrol to a Caliente town cop and a life just as strange and sometimes as dangerous as her former job. Dealing with a loss in her family, a new hire at work, an old "solved" case that unreveled, and a murder charge against Manny Sanchez, the brother of her on and off again girlfriend, Lola, Loni's problems just keep multiplying. On top of this, orders from her old friend and new boss, Carl, send her out to the Arizona desert looking for drugs in all the wrong places.

Praise for Sue's Novel

"Sue Hardesty is a storyteller who has a voice true to the characters and settings of her tales."
~Lee Lynch, Award-winning author of many novels, stories, and collections and long-time writer of "The Amazon Trail"

"The author has a fine gift for describing the Sonoran desert and with her words the heat of the place is palpable. But it's knowing Loni that keeps me turning the pages. She's a character I don't forget."
~Jenna D, Amazon reviewer


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